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c.Spot InterWorks can design and build a custom web site for your organization for as little as $3000. Please call us or request a quote!

Web sites have become an integral part of building relationships with your customers and constituents.  Whether you're looking for a brochure site, or you are building a community around your organization, c.Spot InterWorks has the expertise to design and develop a web site that will fit your needs and budget.

c.Spot InterWorks' expertise in web application building can provide you with more than just a static HTML web site.  Content Management Systems such as Joomla! and WordPress allow you to easily update your web site without any knowledge of HTML or Cascade Style Sheets (CSS).  Integration with social media technologies create new channels to reach your customers leading to increased exposure and outreach.

What's your objective?

Web sites range from simple brochure style sites to community driven portals. When approaching creating or replacing your existing web site, it's important to consider the objectives of your web site. With literally billions of web sites online, the adage "if you build it, they will come" does not apply. Consider who your audience is, how will your mutual relationship be improved with your web site? Being clear about your objectives will provide a clear direction in the design and development process.

Using Content Management Systems

Content is the critical foundation of your web site. Users want relevant content. The web also provides a cost-effective means of creating better relationships with customers and potential customers. For a simple web site, generally static HTML sites are appropriate and easy to maintain. If you have a more complex requirements for your site, a CMS might be the better approach.

In short, a CMS is a database driven application that renders your content on-the-fly. The advantage of this approach is that a good CMS should be flexible and modular allowing you to easily maintain the web site content and provide additional functionality through various plugins or modules. Additionally, software applications such as Joomla and WordPress incorporate security features that allow you to delegate various aspects of the web site to employees, volunteers, and web site visitors.

The cost of setting up a CMS may or may not be more expensive than a static HTML site. It largely depends on the complexity of the site and your needs. In the long run, it is the most effective way of maintaining your web site since the CMS typically requires little to no expertise in HTML or CSS.

c.Spot InterWorks offers expertise is designing and building web sites using both Joomla and WordPress, including template design, installation and support, and ongoing maintenance.



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